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Yu Seafood@Yorkdale

A Distinctive Style, At The Centre Of Style

Type of Work Restaurant

Client Yu Seafood 漁膳房 @ Yorkdale

Year 2020


A Preeminent Destination For Authentic Chinese Food
From the project’s inception, we were involved in preparing Yu Seafood’s business plan. After discussions with Yorkdale’s management, we understood their needs and positioned Yu Seafood @ Yorkdale as “A Preeminent Destination For Authentic Chinese Food.”

A Distinctive Style, At The Centre Of Style
We set the theme of our presentation as “A Distinctive Style, At The Centre Of Style.” By showcasing the brand, team, cuisine, operations, and other advantages, we helped Yu Seafood secure this milestone opportunity in Canadian Chinese cuisine, making it the first full-service Chinese restaurant to enter Canada’s most prestigious shopping center.


After achieving this milestone, our first task was to develop a brand strategy for the new Yu Seafood. The initial step was to identify the existing Yu Seafood’s visual elements that could be elevated to the brand’s top level, serving as transferable brand assets for the parent brand. Then, based on brand positioning, we designed visuals and communication strategies for the new brand.

We conducted extensive communication and in-depth data analysis, including user profiling, specifically targeting Yorkdale’s consumer base. This led us to the BIG IDEA for Yu Seafood @ Yorkdale’s brand concept: “Reinventing New Chinese Cuisine, Luxurious Yet Meaningful.”


With the BIG IDEA in mind, we explored various ways to express luxury, meaningfulness, Chinese cuisine, newness, and reinvention, collaborating closely with the client. The ultimate question was how to combine “fashion, cuisine, and tradition” in a way that sparked excitement. To achieve this, we brainstormed extensively and experimented with technology, visuals, hand-drawn elements, and other methods to convey our vision.


“New Chinese Renaissance”

Ultimately, we decided to blend Chinese ink wash painting with a modern retro style, using cuisine and lifestyle as the content to interpret the brand. We established this as the Visual Concept for Yu Seafood @ Yorkdale: “New Chinese Renaissance.” This concept represents Yu Seafood’s milestone as the first Chinese restaurant in Yorkdale, while also aiming to introduce Chinese traditions and culture to mainstream consumers in a new, more humanistic way, encouraging wider acceptance.


To create anticipation for the unveiling of Yu Seafood’s new brand image at Yorkdale, we designed hoardings to convey the message to consumers. This was the first opportunity to showcase the brand and generate excitement. We partnered with renowned photographer AZ to achieve this, using an innovative photography and visual approach. The process, from selecting locations, models, costumes, and props to final shooting, post-production, printing, and installation, took two months. The resulting hoardings at Yorkdale received widespread acclaim and generated significant anticipation.

Next, we designed a complete brand Look & Feel for Yu Seafood, incorporating black to enhance the brand’s sense of quality and luxury. We introduced meticulous brushwork, floral and bird motifs, calligraphy, and traditional seals, presenting them in a concise manner. This approach vividly expressed the “New Chinese Renaissance” concept.

However, the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 brought the project to a temporary halt, presenting our team with an even greater challenge: how to collaborate remotely and move the project forward during the pandemic. Challenges often come with opportunities, and the post-pandemic dining experience became the next focus. New topics such as intelligent, contactless ordering and delivery emerged. To adapt to the post-pandemic lifestyle, we abandoned traditional paper menus and opted for iPads,transforming them into new touchpoints with customers. This interactive approach not only facilitated ordering but also provided a multimedia platform to showcase the brand and dishes.

During this time, we also planned and created Yu Seafood’s sub-brand, Yu Moment Dessert, offering Chinese desserts alongside the main menu.

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