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The Captain’s Boil

The Captain’s Boil is one of the most distinctive and fun brands we’ve had the pleasure of working with.
Type of Work Restaurant

Client The Captain’s Boil

Year 2015

The Captain’s Boil is a seafood restaurant chain that has created a unique dining experience centered around the concept of “eating heartily and drinking heartily.” This lively atmosphere encourages customers to indulge in delicious seafood boils and enjoy a fun, communal dining experience.

With a business model centered around seafood, The Captain’s Boil has created a dining culture of “eating and drinking heartily.” We drew inspiration from the brand name and created the image of a “bearded pirate captain.” Compared to the traditional “good” captain, the pirate image is more story-driven and distinctive, resonating well with Western audiences who often find pirate imagery appealing. The pirate captain embodies both “tough” and “rough” characteristics, aligning with the brand’s “hands-on” eating style, creating a relaxed, immersive experience for customers.

The pirate captain’s large beard not only adds a unique character trait but also incorporates the brand name within its design. This integration of icon and text allows for flexible logo usage, overcoming the common challenge of combining visuals and words. The text can be extracted and used independently. The design style of bibs and other applications further reinforces the “pirate” and “nautical” themes, utilizing hand-drawn elements to enhance the brand’s playful and adventurous spirit.

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