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Sound Of Forest

Sound of Forest is an innovative manufacturer dedicated to redefining wall decoration by supplying sustainable building materials. Our products are designed to be healthy, easy to handle, and elegant, offering a fresh approach to interior design. We focus on sustainability and quality, ensuring that our materials not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of spaces but also promote a healthier living environment. Sound of Forest aims to inspire creativity and innovation in wall decoration, setting new standards in the industry with our eco-friendly and stylish solutions.
Type of Work Branding Design

Client Sound of Forest

Year 2023

Create a brand identity that highlights Sound of Forest’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and elegance in wall decoration materials.

Sound of Forest redefines wall decoration with sustainable, healthy, and elegant building materials that are easy to handle and environmentally friendly.

Revolutionize the wall decoration industry by offering innovative, sustainable building materials that combine health, ease of use, and elegance.

Design a sophisticated and eco-friendly visual identity that reflects Sound of Forest’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. The brand should convey elegance and quality, appealing to consumers who value both style and environmental responsibility. Emphasize the ease of use and health benefits of the products, positioning Sound of Forest as a leader in sustainable wall decoration solutions.

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