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Make Good Brands, Create Good Impacts!

What do we do?


Graphic Design

Web Design

Photo & Video


Interior Design

Crafting identities
that Resonate.

Brand Strategy

Brand Audit
Brand Architecture
Brand Positioning
Brand Naming
Brand Communication

Brand Identity

Logo Design
Mascot Design
Visual Identity
Visual Communication
Brand Application
Brand Deck
Brand Guideline

Visuals that speak

Booklet/Editorial Design
Graphic Packaging Design
Advertising/Campaign Design
Print Material Design

Digital Marketing Material Design
Corporate/Business Deck Design
Brochure/Catalogue Design
Display Banner/Poster Design
UI/UX Design

Websites that
captivate and convert.

Brand Website
Corporate/Enterprise Website

Shopify E-Commerce Website
One-Pager Website
Website Maintenance

Transforming your space, for
better brand experience

Franchise Store Interior Concept Design
Storefront & Merchandising Window Design

Signage & Way-finding System
In-Store Visual Communication Design
Exhibition Space Design

Bringing ideas to
life, artfully.

Brand Story Illustration
Wall Mural Illustration

Campaign Illustration
Functional Illustration

Telling your story through
lens and frame.

Food Photography
Product Photography
Commercial Photography

Brand Video
Corporate Video
Commercial Video

How we work?

Research and Diagnosis

Through in-depth discussions with clients, comprehensive research, and market analysis, we gain a thorough understanding of the “four puzzle pieces” which is your company, your industry, your customer, and your competition. This process helps us identify the core issues and opportunities for the brand, providing a solid foundation for subsequent strategy development.

Strategy Development

Based on the research results, we formulate a comprehensive brand strategy that includes brand positioning, customer value and communication strategies. This ensures that the brand possesses uniqueness and competitiveness in the market, finding its “winning zone,” and summarizing the brand’s “big idea.”

Design Identity

We create meaningful and unique identity system that aligns with the brand strategy. Through logos, colours, and typography, we build a controlled, unique “visual hammer” that inspires product purchases, ensuring that the brand image remains consistent and recognizable across all touch-points.

Create Touchpoints

We design and optimize various brand-consumer interaction points, such as print materials, websites, packaging, and advertisements. This ensures that the brand image is conveyed uniformly and effectively across all channels.

Our Process

Understanding each other’s expectations facilitates smooth cooperation. 
Initial communication to introduce our project team, understand client needs, and obtain project information from the client. CGICA will study the client’s situation and confirm the project details.
Based on the client’s needs, we will provide a clear outline of services, workflow, deliverables, timelines, payment schedules, and pricing. This will form the basis of the contract.
We will discuss the contract details with the client in person, clarify content, and have the client confirm and sign the contract. The client will then make an initial payment as per the contract.
The project officially begins once the initial payment is received. The project will kick off with a meeting to align both parties on the project’s framework and details.
Following the kick-off meeting, the project team will proceed according to the workflow until the project is completed.
Upon mutual confirmation of the deliverables with no disputes, the client will make the final payment, and we will complete the final project delivery.

What to expect


You will be deeply involved in the brand development process as we collaborate and have fun together.


We may push you to make critical decisions, as clear choices help define a distinctive brand.

Process Matters

We’re more than happy to be flexible to meet your deadline called “ASAP”, but our process is crucial to ensuring quality and efficiency.


our pace isn’t always the fastest, but we keep you informed every step of the way.

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