Strategic Consulting Plan

Brand strategy is the core content of corporate strategy, including brand image, product positioning, differentiation and brand value, and other factors that add together to form the essence of the brand.  The brand strategy provides a consistent central concept that brings together all relevant activities, behaviors, and communication methods and is able to withstand the test of time. The best brand strategy allows brands to stand out from the competition and be easy to understand.

Channel and Media Public Relations

For channel communication, our online marketing team is well versed in the various Internet channels so that the ads can be accurately placed. At the public relations level, we maintain good relations with mainstream Chinese and English media, community organizations and government agencies. In addition, we also integrated Toronto’s only Chinese lifestyle promotion app – Eventpick, and online discount platform – Mimipick, to provide customers with a complete digital solution using the platform’s own traffic.


Survey and Diagnosis

Prior to developing a brand strategy, we will conduct comprehensive research on the company, to clarify the company’s goals, mission, vision, values. Also sort out the assets of the company’s existing brand in accordance to market, industry, competitive environment. Eventually, all the information will be summarized into a research report, and questions will be asked as a guide for the next step in developing a brand strategy.

Creative Design Implementation

After formulating a clear brand strategy, we will use this as a starting point for creativity and ideas to design logos, colors, fonts, and even personality, tone and other series of associations that give people an impression of the brand. Eventually, the implementation is a watchable, touchable, sensible, and recognizable brand recognition system and offline experience. The core of the brand’s implementation is consumer experience, orienting the knowledge and behaviour of the brand with the protagonist – the consumer. Creative Graphics will lead the whole process, putting the “knowledge” of the brand strategy into the “action” of the consumer experience upon implementation.

Integrate Marketing Communication

Brand communication is no longer what we tell consumers what is it, but the word of mouth between consumers. After the definition of brand identity is completed and fully integrated, it is necessary to carry out large-scale brand image communication to consumers. We will work with clients to develop communication strategies, channel strategies, and conduct content operations planning. From online to the offline, constitute a three-dimensional integrated marketing communication system and maintains operations for a long time.



Comprehensive Brand Strategy Consultation Service

Brands can change consumers' perceptions of products and thus change consumer behavior. A brand is an intangible asset that provides companies and customers with value beyond the benefits of the product or service itself, with the return on investment being the sustained competitiveness of the brand itself. Our comprehensive brand strategy consultation service, provides a complete set of strategy and implementation plan from the brand. Through our many years of experience, we have formed our unique and effective solutions, methods, and tools that will refine the essence of your brand, which will be the root of your brand's prosperity

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Environmental and Visual Communication of Physical Stores

The atmosphere created by the brand's offline stores may be more attractive than the product itself. The unique environmental design that fits the brand image itself is like a powerful magnet for the brand, attracting target customers to visit and lingering. Our environmental designers, visual designers, and experienced structural engineers, hydropower engineers, builders, and contractors work together to create a unique environment and a fascinating brand experience. Color, texture, scale, lighting, sound effects, dynamics, comfort, scent and other possible resources work together to create a complete offline experience of the brand.

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Visual Identity System

Visual identity system (VI or VIS) is an important form of visual delivery of corporate and brand images. A unified visual identity system allows customers to instantly remember your brand and allow consumers to have a consistent visual sense of the brand.

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Brand Mascot Design

The brand mascot represents the attributes and values ​​of the brand. The mascot can easily establish an effective communication with the customer and be used as the main axis of events. Popular mascots can even become the brand's cultural totem, loved by customers. In addition to their unique looks and personality, they can even be equipped with different movements, dresses and even voices to be more memorable to the customer's eyes. We will present a complete set of mascot standardized manuals and related digital documents upon final delivery.

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Official Corporate Website Design and Development

We give you more than just a browsable website, but a space for brand self-expression and a hub for network traffic. The website is a platform that can mobilize visual, sound, video, and animation to create a lifelike interactive brand experience. The fascinating content and text give the brand personality and vitality, allowing the brand to express freely. And it can establish a direct relationship with social media, mobile devices, search engines, emails, etc., to become the only official channel for customers to understand the company and understand the brand.

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Event Planning and Execution

The brand launch conference is the best way for a brand to be heard! The successful planning of the conference not only determines the brand's first impression in the minds of consumers, but also key to the brand potential of continuous communication through media's competing reports. The video and picture records of the conference witnesses the development of the brand, is an intangible assets of the brand, and can be used to form public opinion and topics in media reports.

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Promotional Material Design

A unified style of promotional materials can increase the recognition of the brand and become a successful tool for the sales team. Good marketing collateral can inform the customer about the right information at the right time, and help customers understand the brand, understand the business, and make purchasing decisions easier. Also demonstrates the company's understanding of customer preferences to reach sales faster.

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Planning and Production of Corporate Promotional Videos

Corporate videos can fully demonstrate the strength of the company in the shortest possible time. It is one of the necessary links to help achieve business cooperation, attract investment, and establish government relations. Creative Graphics uses our understanding of corporate strategy as base, brand strategy as the content planning guide to achieve the best self-expression for the enterprise through clear narrative logic, professional shooting techniques and post-production.

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Menu Design for Restaurant Brands

Excellent menu designs promotes sales, it's the best way for consumers to recognize food and beverage brands. Making menus is not just listing out dishes and prices, but also describing that mouth watering experience. A excellent menu not only educates your customers about your products and brands, but also increases sales thus generates more profit.

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Commercial Planning and Production

Video advertising is the easiest way for consumers to immerse themselves in ever since TV was invented. Our new video creation model combined with delivery strategy, specifically tailored to target Internet media communication, aims to accurately present your brand or product to your target audience and directly transform into sales through the new technology of the Internet.

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Product Packaging Design

Product packaging is the only medium in which customers will 100% interact with the brand. With a much more direct return on investment than all other branding strategies. The shape, design, colour, information and form of the package ultimately constitute the complete experience of the product. Good packaging design will help customers to choose your products over others. Packaging design requires a collaborative effort of visual designers, industrial designers, manufacturers and the customers. Consideration of problems that may arise in logistics and distribution must also take place as well, which puts packaging design as one of the most important puzzles in getting the product into the market.

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Brand Integrated Marketing Annual Service

Based on the core value of the brand, Creative Graphics guides the company and the brand by tailoring and implementing an efficient and accurate integrated marketing communication strategy under the overall framework of the brand strategy. We will exert the power of creativity and incorporate various effective vocalization points to form a unified and multi-faceted brand voice in the market - a right of speech in public opinion.

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Independent Project Collaboration

Provide targeted solutions based on existing needs or pain points of corporations


Phased services of full case planning brand consultation

Phased services of full case planning brand consultation


Annual service of brand integration marketing communication

As an annual partnership, establish annual plan to operate corporate brand and marketing


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