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Nanxiang Express

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Nan Xiang Express

Nan Xiang Express is a sub-brand created by the parent brand [Nanxiang Xiaolongbao] in Flushing, Queens, New York. The parent brand [Nanxiang Xiaolongbao], after its opening in 2006, has been well received by the public and has been included in the food appraisal index-the Michelin Guide for 9 consecutive years since 2007. And the sub-brand Nan Xiang Express hopes to penetrate into the foreigners’ diet field in the way of fast food restaurants, so that the audience can get another level of promotion.

Therefore, in the branding of Nan Xiang Express by the good brand this time, while inheriting the fine traditional culture of the parent brand, it also creates more interesting and new elements for this, so that Xiaolongbao can quickly stand out in the fast food industry.

Brand Positioning

Nan Xiang Express is different from its parent brand in the brand positioning this time, focusing on serving as a Chinese fast food restaurant to provide customers with a better Chinese fast food experience. In terms of food quality, the high-quality food quality of the parent brand is continued, and the xiaolongbao is thin, juicy and delicious. In terms of service quality, it is fast and convenient, so that more people, including overseas Chinese and foreigners who love cultural food for many years, can enjoy the love and warmth from Shanghai, China.


To make the Xiaolongbao Chinese fast food industry more deeply accessible to local consumers in the United States, what we need to do is to be able to make this brand

Quickly and directly identify the main products of “Nan Xiang Express”, thereby reducing the cost of brand communication and quicker.

A cognitive label is formed in the heart of the reader. Therefore, from the positioning of the brand concept, we adopt Xiaolongbao and the letters “N” and “E” to form the Chinese character “包”, and use the calligraphy of the parent brand to create a logo belonging to “Nan Xiang Express”.


With red as the main colour, one is to convey Chinese food culture, and the other is to continue the main colour of [Nanxiang Xiaolongbao], so as to echo and connect with each other. Deep in the brand vision of North America, red can often bring people a strong Chinese cultural atmosphere, so Nan Xiang Express is also established as a new type of Chinese fast food brand.

Then the main colour used in the second application is beige, which not only reflects the colour of Xiaolongbao food, but also shows youth and vitality in the contrast with the main colour red.

Red | beige mainly, brownish-yellow | tan as a supplement


Patterns are often another expression language of the brand. The patterns adopted by Nan Xiang Express are based on “steaming” to make steam patterns. Then draw diversified patterns with steam patterns, which not only retains the idea of steaming the steamed dumplings, but also provides a further supplement to the brand’s story integrity. The pattern is applied to various design materials as a starting point.

Main Concept

Filled with steaming Hot Goodness
Steaming is considered to be the healthiest cooking technique that can be used for many kinds of food. The first country in the world to use this steam cooking method is China. When steaming Xiaolongbao, this process allows the fresh aroma to be fully absorbed into the dumplings while maintaining its smooth and tender texture.

Warmth from within
The delicious ingredients and the hot soup make the diners feel satisfied and beautiful. And proud of the friendly service and warm environment, warming our guests from the inside out.

Mascot: BOBO

In order to make Nan Xiang Express closer to the lives of diners and make the brand more youthful, the creation of the brand mascot uses “xiaolongbao” as a prototype, which more intuitively directs the diners’ brain perception of the brand, and is also more direct It shows that Nan Xiang Express’s Xiaolongbao has a soft and waxy skin and warm inset and soup.

Based on all design elements, various touchpoints/applications are designed which encompass the main concept and key visual.


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