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Liuyishou Hotpot

From Chongqing To North America

  • Strategy

    Brand Audit, Brand Architecture, Brand Position & Proposition, Brand Communication

  • Identity

    Logo & Visual Identity, Visual Language, Visual Communication

  • Implementation

    Brand Touch Points, Environmental Design, Store Visual Communication, Website & Online Shop Design & Development

Liuyishou & CGICA: Upgrading the brand while adhering to core values

For the Liuyishou rebrand, CGICA underwent in-depth research and analysis of this client. Although it was our second collaboration together, a fresh round of interviews were required. After first determining the client’s current status, we were able to chart their future development, thereby allowing us to develop a marketing strategy uniquely tailored to the client’s own characteristics. This time, not only were we trying to update Liuyishou’s visual image system for the North American market, we were also looking to differentiate the brand into a more advantageous market position.

Brand Strategy

We offer a definitive hot pot experience through excellence in our products.

Upgrading Liuyishou’s strategic plan involved a number of deep communications. In this way, CGICA was able to tap into the brand’s genes, make improvements, and ultimately discover its “Winning Zone.”

In the end, we determined “Productism” to be Liuyishou’s top competitive edge. By staying firm to its roots, the brand remains firmly established as a top server of delicious foods among consumers.

To upgrade its Big Idea, CGICA condensed Liuyishou’s unique brand concept and combined it with our analysis and insight. The result has become a successful guide for all subsequent brand upgrades: “We offer everyone an immersive hot pot experience by offering higher efficiency and productivity through technology”.

Having confirmed the general direction of brand communication, CGICA established the communication tone after careful analysis. As we discovered, Liushou’s passion for its products evenly matched the younger and more dynamic image we had in mind for them. Through careful consideration, we distilled these disparate concepts into a singular keyword: “burning.”

This keyword accurately conveys the unique values and ideas of Liuyishou. It demonstrates the brand’s devotion, enthusiasm, youthfulness, and focus. In this way, CGICA refined Liuyishou’s all-important brand slogan: “A pot only boils from what you put into the fire.”

Visual System Upgrade

While the core spirit remains the same, Liuyishou has become more energetic and internationalized.

Once strategic and text communication information are confirmed, an update of the visual system becomes the top priority. Words and vision complement each other to make the brand’s communication go further. Considering Liuyishou’s international presence, we were careful to change only a few details of its visual image.

Through this refresh, we demonstrated that Liuyishou has become more energetic and internationalized, all while holding fast to its core values.