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Magic Noodle

Create a brand identity that blends the traditional essence of Lanzhou hand–pulled noodles with a modern and stylish appeal, emphasizing the themes of homeland and roots.

Type of Work Branding Design

Client Magic Noodle 大槐树

Year 2013

In a foreign land, while many are involved in Chinese cuisine, few ponder its cultural significance. The brand 大槐树 (Magic Noodle) is dedicated not only to crafting excellent noodles but also to introducing the rich culture of traditional Chinese noodles to Toronto. Drawing from the heritage of Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles, we infused a sense of “homeland” and “roots” into the brand. Our logo combines a noodle bowl and stars, with the English name “Magic Noodle” highlighting the enchanting quality of our dishes—bringing the authentic taste of home to those far away. The Chinese name “大槐树” symbolizes “roots.”
Magic Noodle 大槐树 offers an authentic taste of Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles, bringing the essence of Chinese culinary heritage to Toronto with a modern twist.
Combine the nostalgia and authenticity of traditional Lanzhou noodles with a contemporary design to attract a younger, modern audience.

Design a brand identity that incorporates rustic elements like wood grain and burlap, reflecting the origin of the noodles, while maintaining a clean and stylish look. The logo features a noodle bowl and stars, symbolizing the magical quality of the noodles, with “大槐树” representing the deep cultural roots. This blend of traditional and modern appeals aims to set the brand apart from the conventional image of Chinese restaurants.

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