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KIBO Sushi

Redesign the brand identity to unify KIBO Sushi’s visual system and build a cohesive brand story centered on the theme of hope.
Type of Work Branding Design

Client KIBO Sushi

Year 2017

KIBO Sushi, a once understated sushi chain with nine locations in Downtown Toronto, embarked on a transformative rebranding journey. The brand’s name, derived from the Japanese word “KIBO” meaning “hope,” inspired a new visual identity centered around this concept. We incorporated the Japanese character for “hope” (希) into the logo, stylizing it with a radiant halo to symbolize the sun. This rebranding effort aims to unify KIBO Sushi’s visual system and create a cohesive brand story built on the theme of hope. Our new slogan, “KIBO is hope,” encapsulates the emotional essence of the brand and guides all brand touchpoints and marketing activities, including an innovative “wish upon a fortune” campaign.
KIBO Sushi brings a sense of hope through its name and brand story, offering a unified and transformative dining experience in Downtown Toronto.
Transform and unify KIBO Sushi’s brand identity around the concept of hope, creating a cohesive and emotionally resonant brand story.
Develop a visually unified and emotionally engaging brand identity that incorporates the concept of hope and radiance, symbolized by the stylized Japanese character for “hope” and the sun motif.

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