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A New Identity for a Real Estate Photography Powerhouse
Type of Work Corporate Identity

Client Houssmax

Year 2022


Housslook and Kingmax were both well-established names in Toronto’s real estate photography scene, each with their own loyal clientele and brand identities. Their union presented an opportunity to create a new brand that would represent the combined strengths of the two companies and pave the way for future growth.

Our primary challenge was to develop a brand identity that would resonate with existing customers of both Housslook and Kingmax while attracting new clients. This meant striking a balance between familiarity and novelty, preserving the positive associations of the previous brands while creating a fresh, unified image for Houssmax.

We began by carefully analyzing the strengths and values of both Housslook and Kingmax. This led us to craft the slogan “Glamourize Your House, Maximize the Value,” which captures the company’s core mission.

The visual identity blends the initials “hm” into the shape of buildings. This subtle nod to the company’s expertise in real estate photography is further emphasized by the “+” symbol, a universal representation of adding value and enhancing quality. 


The orange color palette was chosen for its approachability and warmth, promoting a sense of unity and new beginnings.

The brand identity effectively communicated the company’s position as the leading real estate photography provider in Toronto. The visual elements were well-received by clients, and the new messaging resonated with the target audience.


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