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GPA Plus

Develop a brand identity that reflects GPA Plus’s commitment to providing high-quality, personalized university subject tutoring in Chinese, emphasizing academic excellence and student success.

Type of Work Education

Client GPA Plus

Year 2020


GPA Plus is a leading tutoring institution in Toronto that specializes in providing university subject tutoring with instruction in Chinese. The institution is dedicated to helping students excel academically by offering personalized and high-quality tutoring services in various university subjects. With a focus on bridging language barriers and enhancing understanding, GPA Plus ensures that students receive the support they need to achieve academic success and improve their GPA.

GPA Plus offers specialized university subject tutoring in Toronto, providing instruction in Chinese to help students overcome language barriers and achieve academic excellence.

Support academic success for Chinese-speaking university students by offering personalized, high-quality tutoring in their native language.

Design a professional and approachable visual identity that reflects GPA Plus’s dedication to academic excellence and personalized tutoring. Incorporate elements that highlight the institution’s expertise in university subjects, the use of Chinese for instruction, and the focus on improving students’ GPA. The identity should appeal to Chinese-speaking students seeking effective and supportive academic tutoring in Toronto.

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