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“It’s Mealtime!” — F.O.D., a Chinese online food delivery platform that connects hungry customers with their favourite restaurants.
Type of Work Brand Communication Upgrade

Client FOD

Year 2016

F.O.D., which stands for Food On Delivery, aimed to simplify the process of ordering meals from a wide range of restaurants. While the English name was easy to read and remember, it lacked brand uniqueness and only emphasized the delivery aspect of the service.

To address this challenge, we developed the slogan “饭点到了” (Fàn diǎn dào le), which translates to “It’s mealtime!” in English. This slogan not only aligns with the brand’s core function of delivering food but also cleverly incorporates the initials “F” and “D” through its pronunciation, creating a memorable connection between the brand and consumers.

The slogan “饭点到了” became a rallying cry for hungry customers, reminding them to turn to F.O.D. whenever it was time to eat. This simple yet effective phrase helped to establish F.O.D. as a household name in the Chinese food delivery market.

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