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Take part in CGICA’s community and work with exciting brands and connect and increase your brand awareness with people that matters!

CGICA Community Partnerships / Sponsorships

CGICA is a branding, design and a communication company, working with many brands and companies in a variety of industries. There are often many events such as Grand Openings, Tasting Events, Product Launches and such that we host alongside with our clients. For these events, we are always looking for partners that would like to participate, and network with a local group of influencers and be featured in our media outlets.


What’s in it for you to join our Partner Network?

  • Increase your brand awareness – especially in the local market
  • Collecting customers leads
  • Gaining access to specific demographic


We are always looking for:

  • Media Partners/Sponsors
  • Financial Sponsors
  • In-Kind Sponsors
  • Promotional Partners

We would like to collect some general information to determine which event will best suit your organization and will reach out to you respectively once there’s a match in.

1. What is your first and last name?*

2. What is your organization name?*

Your organization website?*

Your organization email?*

Your organization phone number?*

3. In general, are you looking to become a*

media sponsorfinancial sponsorin-kind sponsorpromotional partner

4. In general, how do you see your organization aligning with our events? (Events can include tasting events, branding events, and others?)*

5. What are your core company values and key brand values?*

6. What are some key ROI metrics you wish to increase through the sponsorship?*

7. What are your main goals as an event sponsor?*

Your information is in our database and once we have an event that matches your Partnership/Sponsorships goals we will be in touch!

For any questions please email us at pr@cgica.com.

CGICA Influencer

Are you a social butterfly? Do you live and breathe social media?

If that sounds like you then maybe the CGICA Influencer Program is for you.

Our program is to help support our local restaurants and businesses helping them to build their brand and provide them with brand awareness. If people classify you as ‘camera eats first’, then you are who we are looking for.


Benefits of joining CGICA Influencer Program:

  • Be one of the first people to know about the latest news and promotions in mainly the food & beverage industry along with retail and other services in town.
  • Be invited to events such as tasting events and brand or product launching events from the newest restaurant or menus in town free of charge often with other perks too.
  • Be able to network with like-minded people within your field of interest.



  • Must have an Instagram of 2K+ followers, with an engaged and growing local audience.
  • Must have a passion for sharing things on social media
  • Must be a team player and work collaboratively alongside other influencers


Ready to be part of our community?

The following questions will help us determine which event to send you an invitation for:

1. What is your first and last name?*

2. What is your Instagram’s username*

3. Please provide other platforms and your username that you are active on and have engaging audiences.





4. What is your e-mail:*

5. What is your phone number

6. Are you 19 years of age or older?*

Some of our events can only accept those who are of age of majority. However we do
accept influencers of all ages.


7. Our platform of choice is Instagram. If you would like to use another social platform you are more than welcome. However, an instagram post is a must to be qualified for this program.*

AgreeI do not agreeOthers

8. What type of events are you looking to attend?*

Food & BeveragesLifestyleAll events

9. Timing is important, you will have to create timely posts for the event*


10. What city do you live in?*

11. Do you have any dietary restrictions?*

No Dietary RestrictionsOther, please state

We are collecting this information for informational purposes only. If you have severe dietary concerns, please notify the restaurant upon arrival. By collecting this information, we are in no way liable for any issues that may happen on the night of your dining experience.

12. We advise all participants that CGICA is not held liable for any health, dietary or allergy restrictions you may have. While your health is important to us, it is ultimately the individual and the restraurant’s responsibility to ensure your safety.*

AgreeI do not agree