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Haus+ Real Estate At the heart of Haus+ is the pursuit of the ideal home. For over a decade, Haus+ has been offering a comprehensive range of services from home staging to housekeeping, helping homeowners, renters, and real estate professionals find and create their perfect living spaces in the GTA and surrounding areas. The founders, with extensive experience in both real estate and design, specialize in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces tailored to industry-specific needs. With an extensive collection of furniture, a keen eye for textiles and colours, and meticulous execution, Haus+ ensures that every project reflects superior design and attention to detail, transforming homes into memorable spaces that attract potential buyers. Type of Work Branding Design Client Haus+ Year 2024 Website Brief:Develop a brand identity that reflects Haus+’s commitment to creating ideal homes through expert home staging and housekeeping services, emphasizing superior design, meticulous attention to detail, and extensive industry experience.Positioning Statement:Haus+ transforms homes in the GTA and surrounding areas with expert home staging and housekeeping services, combining real estate and design expertise to create aesthetically pleasing and memorable spaces.Brand Big Idea:Create the ideal home environment by combining extensive industry experience, superior design, and meticulous attention to detail in every project.Creative Big Idea:Design an elegant and sophisticated visual identity that reflects Haus+’s dedication to excellence in home staging and housekeeping. Incorporate elements that highlight the expertise in real estate and design, the quality of furniture collections, and the attention to detail that transforms spaces into memorable homes. The identity should resonate with homeowners, renters, and real estate professionals seeking high-quality home services in the GTA. Previous ProjectNext Project Explore Other Projects All Posts Home & Deco Genesis Furniture Standard Life Furniture Wood Worth