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Coyours Health & Medication All products are manufactured and imported from Japan. Their Japanese Partner has over 50 years of history in manufacturing dietary supplements and pharmaceutical products. All products have been approved and licensed to sell in Canada by Health Canada. Type of Work Restaurant Client Liuyishou Hotpot Year 2023 Website For the Liuyishou rebrand, CGICA underwent in-depth research and analysis of this client. Although it was our second collaboration together, a fresh round of interviews were required. After first determining the client’s current status, we were able to chart their future development, thereby allowing us to develop a marketing strategy uniquely tailored to the client’s own characteristics. This time, not only were we trying to update Liuyishou’s visual image system for the North American market, we were also looking to differentiate the brand into a more advantageous market position. Previous ProjectNext Project Explore Other Projects All Posts Financial & Investment Hyron