Wind Group

Wind Group Corporate WIND Group Inc., established in Ontario since 2011, is dedicated to bringing the best of Asian culture and flavors to North America. Representing a variety of restaurant brands such as East Izakaya, Wind Japanese and Thai, Ma Chinese Cuisine, and Kochi Japanese BBQ & Beer, WIND Group operates seven locations across St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, and Mississauga. The group’s mission is to present Asian hospitality and culture through exceptional cuisine and service, aiming to be a bridge between North American and Asian cultures. Type of Work Corporate Client WIND Group Inc Year 2024 Website Develop a brand identity that reflects WIND Group’s commitment to showcasing Asian hospitality and culture, emphasizing their diverse culinary offerings, quality service, and cultural connection. WIND Group Inc. offers a unique culinary experience through its diverse range of Asian-inspired restaurant brands, providing exceptional service and quality while bridging North American and Asian cultures. Celebrate the richness of Asian culture and flavors by offering a diverse and high-quality dining experience that emphasizes hospitality, cultural connection, and culinary excellence. Design a vibrant and culturally rich visual identity that reflects WIND Group’s dedication to excellence in Asian cuisine and hospitality. Incorporate elements that highlight the diversity of their restaurant brands, the quality of their culinary offerings, and the cultural bridge they create between North America and Asia. The identity should resonate with customers seeking an authentic and memorable dining experience. Previous ProjectNext Project Explore Other Projects All Posts Beauty & Spa Skin Club Ylang Ylang Precise