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25 Royal Crest Ct., Unit 202, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 9X4,
Ph: +1(905)470-6080

Branding is not something we do for a living; it’s an ideal we believe in and live by.

Our Team

1000+ Mind Maps

10K+ Logo Draft

100K Words of Copywriting

40Tb+ Design Works

We Believe...

Good work speaks for itself

There is no shorthand for excellence. We believe that perfection is attainable, and we do it—one day at a time.

Longterm Focus

At CGICA, we keep our eyes on the big picture, emphasizing design as a lifestyle instead of just a vocation.

Grow Together

Development is a group activity. As we turn 12 years old, CGICA remains as equally committed to the growth of our employees as we are to our own.

Are You...?


We like transparency. We mean…why not? It’s the bottomline.


Independence is everything. We’re adults, right? We’ll treat you like one.


Doing things right is awesome, but being on first-line to explain why and how we did it is even better. How often did you face the actual people involved in your project for an effective and straight explanation of the accomplished work? Not often hu?

Wanna Make Brands?