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Develop a brand identity that captures Bestco Fresh Foods’ commitment to quality, freshness, and community, emphasizing their role as a multicultural grocery store that brings families together.

Type of Work Branding Design

Client Bestco

Year 2022


Bestco Fresh Foods began with a vision to harness the unifying power of food to bring people together. Since opening their first store in Etobicoke in 2009, Bestco has grown into a beloved grocery chain across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), known for its high-quality and diverse selection of fresh produce, meat, seafood, and pantry items. By offering a joyful and family-friendly shopping experience, Bestco has become a cornerstone for many households. Today, Bestco continues to embody the essence of multiculturalism in Canada, expanding its reach with new, state-of-the-art stores.

Bestco Fresh Foods offers a diverse range of high-quality groceries, providing a joyful and family-friendly shopping experience that brings people together and celebrates multiculturalism.

Create a vibrant and welcoming shopping environment that highlights Bestco’s dedication to quality, freshness, and community, celebrating the diverse cultural backgrounds of their customers.

Design a colorful and inclusive visual identity that reflects Bestco Fresh Foods’ commitment to providing fresh, high-quality products and a joyful shopping experience. Emphasize elements that showcase the multicultural nature of the store and its role in bringing together families and communities across the GTA. The identity should resonate with customers seeking a reliable and enjoyable grocery shopping experience.

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